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Project Management Services

Project Management Services
Managing Complexity
Savanna River International Trade Park

Managing Complexity

Because of their complexity, individuality and significant capital investment needed, building and construction projects are always high-risk undertakings. The risks are even more amplified for end users not familiar with the real estate and construction industry. Chesterfield can leverage its extensive experience and knowledge about facility design and construction to protect the end user’s interest and provide complete project management from a single point of contact.

Project Management

Project Management Services Are Scalable And Can Be Customized As Needed

  • Site due diligence, permitting and entitlements

  • Preliminary construction cost estimates and schedule

  • Design team selection and management (architect, heating/ventilating, structural, civil engineers)

  • General contractor selection through competitive bid process

  • Design and construction contract management and negotiation support

  • Value engineering
  • Construction management and supervision (ongoing cost, schedule and quality control)
  • Reporting (regular progress reports to owners and financial institutions, if applicable)

  • Project closeout, occupancy, commissioning and as-built documentation

Project Management Services Are Scalable And Can Be Customized As Needed

  • Companies whose core expertise is not real estate and who are looking for a local, trusted and experienced partner to protect their interest and deliver the project from a single point of contact

  • Companies who want to protect their investment and mitigate design and construction risk

  • Companies who want to have local owners representation for overseeing and managing their real estate project


Chesterfield Quality Standard

Through project management services, Chesterfield utilizes its real estate development and construction management expertise to assist the end user/owner in minimizing risk, and maximizing value through cost controls, efficient scheduling, selection of the right design and construction teams, and management of the project to ensure the program requirements are achieved within the budget, schedule and quality standards.

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Our expert team makes your project scope less complex and less cumbersome by providing management from a single point of contact. Knowing that our team has experience and insight into all areas of development, your future industrial property or corporate office is in safe hands.