Project Feasibility is giving real estate specific consideration to the various aspects of planning, financing and constructing / renovating a capital asset to be placed into operation.  Starting the facility planning early in the process can result in significant capital cost and time savings based on input relative to design systems selections early in the design programming and schematic phases. This review is intended to save overall capital costs without sacrificing quality or operational efficiencies, lower construction delivery risks and protect the project timeline by avoiding re-design at later phases of the design and construction periods.

Chesterfield LLC

Who would benefit from Project Feasibility Services?

  • Companies looking to build a new office / production facility, whose core expertise is not real estate
  • Site selection consultants to provide real estate expertise as part of their client service
  • Economic Development Agencies looking to attract new companies to provide more robust proposals

The below menu of services is scalable can be customized as needed:

Project Economics

  • 1 Initial project cost and schedule estimate based on high-level project parameters
  • 2 Ongoing project cost and schedule refinement as design / requirements progress or change

Preliminary Building Design Review

  • 1 Design team solicitation and selection
  • 2 Design process management on behalf of the client to ensure that client’s requirements are met
  • 3 Leveraging of in-depth project design and construction expertise to ensure the most economical and efficient design based on client requirements

Site Assessment

  • 1 Technical site conditions assessment that considers geotechnical, environmental, regulatory (permitting, zoning, etc.) and other issues impacting project economics and providing a concise site assessment report outlining pros and cons of each site as an additional site selection criterion.

Project Financing Scenario Analyses

  • 1 Lease vs Buy scenario analyses
  • 2 Project financing structures analysis considering various financing alternatives to identify the one that best aligns with the client’s financial capabilities and objectives (incl. Credit Tenant Leases and financing based on parent company guarantee for clients that are establishing a first-time presence in the U.S.)
  • 3 Operating vs. Capital Lease scenario analysis according to U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP)